The Expendables

Session 4.0
In which our heroes get sent on a wild hen chase

After a couple of days travel, the adventurers reach the Drakwald. They notice wanted posters bearing their description, and are arrested by members of the Blauesblut, a band of younger nobles claiming equal rights to inheritence, and taken to the village Pfeifeldorf. There, they find themselves forced into investigating a case of theft. But all is not as it seems in this village trying to recuperate from the aftermath of the passage of Karl’s Crusade.

Session 3.0
In which our heroes delve into the sewers of Marienburg

After investigating the slums of the Doodkanal, the merry men find themselves in the sewers with an acolyte witch hunter. Locating the hideout of a cult dedicated to Nurgle and slaying the beast guarding it, they find a withered man holding a note. The note tells them how the cultists are infiltrating the crusade. After consulting with their employers, they decide to leave for Altdorf, hoping to catch up with the crusade until it is too late.

Session 2.5
In which Freidrich recuperates while his servants are up to no good

The party decided to take a break for a couple of days while Freidrich got his wounds tended to.

Session 2
In which the noble knight fights a weasel man

The swamp was not that big of a deal, but the corrupted temple proved to be more lethal than it would seem. Our brave heroes killed the mutants who had made the temple their home, offering sacrifice to their god Stromfels, Lord of Predators. Freidrich, noble and honorable, almost fell to their foul wooden cudgels, but managed to pull through with only a couple of broken ribs and a loose tooth as souvenirs. The journal of the head priest told them that Karl was indeed born to one of the cultists but snatched away by the witch hunter, seven years ago.

Session 1
In which actual progress was made

Freidrich and Argon arrive at the Poppenheim mansion. After meeting up with Karl-Otto, they have an audience with Selena Reiva, a widow who lives just down the street. Together with Ruth, they manage to gather information about the crusade and possibly the origins of the young boy Karl. After brief visits to a Shallyan orphanage, the old temple of sigmar and a drug den, they decide to traverse the swamp in search for more clues.

Session 0.5
In which our heroes arrive in Marienburg

After a brief tour of the swamp by the ever so talkative Jekil Sumpfmund, the party finally arrived in the greatest city of the Old World. Ruth met his uncle, Karl-Otto found the home of his friends abandoned and Bavol had a couple of drinks in the stinking swamp.

Prologue: Pretty Things
You all meet in a tavern...

Argon pissed on a guy who got executed the day after, Freidrich saved a young girl and they all killed some gobbos. A day like any other in the Old World. Let’s move on to Marienburg


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